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2008-11-13 16:49:40 by Enrion

So here i am, finally on newgrounds. Uhm...yeah. I've only known about newgrounds for about a year now, and I finnally decided to get an account. It sucks though, because i don't have flash. So i cant really submit anything. Not yet at least.

I am in my english class as i write this (i'm in college out in california), so i should probably be listening to my teacher...


Heh heh heh. So there are a few authors on this site that i really enjoy watching...their work, not them.

Egoraptor. Obviously. He's pretty much God.
Kirbopher. The parody rangers series is amazing.

Actually...thats all i have. But i'm going to find more!

I watched that movie "Chris and Harry", because it was on the front page. Very kickass.

thats all for now.



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