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Wow, i finaly got an account. Too bad I dont have flash yet...someday though...Someday.... Some...cake.

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Posted by Enrion - November 24th, 2008

As i had planned to, I've bought the newest lineup in the sonic repetoir. And i have to say, i feel i've been cheated of a great gaming experience.

Now, don't get me wrong, its a fun game. The Werehog levels aren't that bad once you get used to them, and the Sonic levels...oh wow, they are fast. And thats what sonic is all about.

But, i've noticed that, since this is the Ps2 version, it's almost completely different than the ps3 and 360 versions. And for good reason, the next gen systems, minus the Wii, all use the new Hedgehog engine, designed to get the maximum speed out of everyones favorite blue hero.

the interface is variated from the next gen systems, but still simaler instyle. as far as the ps2 version is concerned, you dont gain lives from collecting 100 rings (insert dramatic music....here). And, you only lose about 10 rings when you get hit (more music). Its alright though, since you hardly ever lose a life on a sonic level, and the Werehog just gets up after you lose a life.
Resilient, isnt he?

Another thing the ps2 version is missing? i think about 2 levels. one continent, the hud worlds for the game, is just a boss battle. its very saddening.

I still havn't beaten it, but i think i'm about halfway through the story mode. overall, its a step forward as far as the sonic gameplay is concerned. Gotta go fast...faster...FASTEEEEEERRRR!!!!!!.

Posted by Enrion - November 22nd, 2008

Twilight...was surprisingly not that bad.

it would have been better, except for the people making all that stupid commentary.

oh wait.

that was me.


seriously, Jacob is the hottest piece of native american ass i have ever seen. and i've seen a lot of native american ass. Cheif in "one flew over the coo coo's nest" was huge, hence, a lot of native american ass.

It's a good thing im not gay, otherwise this would be homo, but since im not gay, its not homo. So no homo.

Posted by Enrion - November 13th, 2008

So here i am, finally on newgrounds. Uhm...yeah. I've only known about newgrounds for about a year now, and I finnally decided to get an account. It sucks though, because i don't have flash. So i cant really submit anything. Not yet at least.

I am in my english class as i write this (i'm in college out in california), so i should probably be listening to my teacher...


Heh heh heh. So there are a few authors on this site that i really enjoy watching...their work, not them.

Egoraptor. Obviously. He's pretty much God.
Kirbopher. The parody rangers series is amazing.

Actually...thats all i have. But i'm going to find more!

I watched that movie "Chris and Harry", because it was on the front page. Very kickass.

thats all for now.